Sunday, May 26, 2013

Small Mission Enterprise (SME) Season 1 Episode 1

For those of you who missed S.M.E. when it aired on NTV7 earlier on, here's Episode 1 of the first season...

S.M.E is an English Comedy Sitcom that revolves around the ups & downs of 3 young entrepreneurs; Zambri (played by Baki Zainal), Jose (played by Alvin Wong) and Mohan (played by Ash Nair). Zambri works with her auntie, Cik Aminah (played by Adibah Noor) in a Tailoring Shop while Mohan is helping his dad, Kumar (played by Indi Nadarajah) with his Stationary Shop. While newly jobless Jose is trying to open his own pastry cafe and his forever supportive girlfriend, Michelle (played by Chelsia Ng) who works as an insurance agent. Ruzana Ibrahim plays the role of Lydia, the supportive wife of Zambri.

Directed by: Douglas Lim
Written by: Douglas Lim
Produced by: MALAYSIA SME™
Production by: Double Vision (Producer of Kopitiam)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small Mission Enterprise: The Journey Continues

Watch this space...
Small Mission Enterprise Season II will be coming your way in a few months!
In the mean time, here is the OST for S.M.E. Season I

S.M.E. Sitcom OST: There for Me
Music & Lyrics by Douglas Lim
Performed by Douglas Lim, Chelsia Ng, Ash Nair, Ruzana Ibrahim
Produced by Double Vision Sdn Bhd

Friday, May 17, 2013



Thank you all for the amazing 3 nights at Niamahsutra. And now for those of you who love Actorlympics, please come and support the show. I will be one of the players too!!! See you next week!!!

Cast Changes Nightly!

Box Office (12pm-7pm daily)
Phone: 03 79600439
Mobile: 017 2289 849

Date: 20 May 2013 - 21 May 2013
Time 8:30 pm
Organizer: Vision Works
Ticket Price: RM50, RM70(VIP), RM45 (LIVE Cardholders/ Early Bird), RM188 for 4 regular seats

 ** Early Bird prices end 5th May **

Don’t know what’s coming up next? Neither do these folk! But don’t worry; they’re also comedy superstars. Watch big names Afdlin Shauki, Kuah Jenhan, Rashid Salleh, Nell Ng, Jason Lo, Razif Hashim, and Ida Nerina make things up as they go along in the grand sport of improvisation!